Enhancement is a Moot Issue for DWI Expungement Purposes

For individuals trying for a DWI expungement (or to expunge assault-type records, there is one argument that the State loves to emphasize – the record is enhanceable (if the conviction is not more than ten years old) and sealing it would preven…
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Underage DWI Expungement - Court of Appeals Decision

As we’ve discussed on our website and previous blog posts, DWI expungements are difficult to attain. The same could be said for an underage DWI expungement, a conviction that should be treated completely different. In a recent decision, State v…
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DWI Expungements Could Become Even More Difficult to Obtain

Even with all gross misdemeanor and misdemeanor convictions being eligible for a statutory expungement, people are still surprised to learn that they can, in fact, expunge their DWI conviction. But, this may no longer be reality if the Minnesota DWI…
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DWI Expungement - Court of Appeals Decision

A frustrating trend had emerged in Hennepin County with its handling of DWI expungements. It was becoming quite clear that obtaining an expungement of a DWI record was going to be nearly impossible. Other counties throughout the State give DWI expung…
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