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You know we know the law. We’ve spoken about it at seminars attended by attorneys and judges statewide. We’ve been published online and in print. And we’ve been consulted by a prominent judge who issues legal updates to judges across the State. But, do we get results? Of course we do. Here’s a small sample of our successes.

State v. J.W.

February, 2020

Hennepin County. Expunged three (3!!!) DWI records. To the best of our knowledge, these were the first DWI records ever expunged in Hennepin County. And we got three of them expunged. The three DWIs occurred during a four-year period just over ten years ago. The client completed a remarkable life turnaround since then, become a well-recognized speaker in the field of chemical dependency, which included presentations to various government agencies, and had a demonstrable burden. Through Mr. Gempeler’s guidance, the client presented an incredible petition and argument to the Court, to the point where this outcome was not just lucky, but deserved and appropriate – despite the “facial absurdity” of seeking an expungement of 3 DWI’s as the State retorted in its opposition memorandum. Even on cases that seem impossible, we get the right results for our clients. There is not a better example of this than obtaining an expungement of 3 DWI records in Hennepin County.

State v. R.K.

February, 2020

Carlton County. Expunged a 3rd Degree DWI conviction. DWIs are rarely expunged – only a few have been granted statewide. Yet, even with a high reading, Mr. Gempeler successfully petitioned and argued for this record to be expunged. The client had been overlooked on three separate occasions for career advancement due to this DWI conviction. The expungement was necessary and earned by a deserving client. This proves that – even though it’s an uphill battle – it pays to retain an experienced expungements attorney to fight for a DWI expungement.

State v. R.E.

February, 2020

Hennepin County. Expunged a misdemeanor domestic assault conviction. Given how serious courts treat domestic violence offenses and the fact that the client had little-to-no burden stemming from this record, getting the expungement granted was a remarkable result and a testament to the value in having Mr. Gempeler work with you in building and improving your case.

State v. M.T.

February, 2020

Anoka and Ramsey Counties. Expunged two separate felony theft cases, one of which was accomplished via prosecutor agreement. There was some debate about the clients eligibility due to the waiting period. But, Mr. Gempeler’s persuasive oral argument carried the day and the expungement of two serious felony thefts was granted. The client is now able to continue advancing his career with a contractor for the Department of Defense.

State v. J.D.

February, 2020

Todd County. Expungement via prosecutor agreement to a misdemeanor domestic assault conviction. The city prosecutor had never done an expungement via prosecutor agreement. Yet, with the guidance and explanation of the process by Mr. Gempeler, he made the appropriate decision to agree to the expungement after considering the information we provided. The client was more than deserving and needful of this expungement. Still, domestic assault convictions are often challenging to get them expunged. We did so via prosecutor agreement.

State v. S.R.

February, 2020

McLeod and Carver Counties. Expunged four separate cases – 3 of which were expunged via prosecutor agreement and 1 expunged in the face of strong opposing arguments by the City Attorney. The contested matter included two convictions – disorderly conduct and underage consumption – and a charge that was dismissed – obstructing legal process. Even though the case was only 2-plus years old and involved abusive behavior towards the arresting officers, we worked hard in developing and improving the case with the client, which paid off. The client described the day of the hearing as “one of the most important days in her life.” We got her the second chance she deserved and needed.

State v. N.M.

February, 2020

Sherburne County. Expunged a 5th degree assault conviction. Client was unsuccessful in seeking an expungement less than a year ago. Mr. Gempeler had the expungement hearing venued at the Stand Down event – an event that offers extensive free services to veterans. It was the first time an expungement had been heard at this event. Due to the client’s tremendous service and rehabilitation record, the Judge felt compelled and “proud” to grant this expungement. No longer will this record be a disqualifying offense by the DHS and prospective employers.

State v. L.J.

February, 2020

Washington County. Expungement granted from the bench. Client obtained a statutory stay of adjudication – pursuant to Minn. Stat. 152.18 – of a felony drug possession charge. The client was an RN that obtained drugs from her place of employment. Due to the thorough petition and arguments at the hearing, the judge made the rare decision to grant the expungement from the bench.

State v. G.D.

February, 2020

Itasca County. Expunged a record involving a stay of adjudication to a gross misdemeanor 5th Degree Criminal Sexual Contact. Order included sealing the records held by the Department of Human Services and Board of Nursing. Both agencies submitted written and oral oppositions. And the Board of Nursing even attempted to use the “it’s never been done before” argument – to no avail.

State v. L.G.

February, 2020

Hennepin County. Expunged a gross misdemeanor unauthorized computer access conviction. The client had previously sought an expungement to no avail. Mr. Gempeler’s guidance in building a stronger case and persuasive oral argument proved to be the difference in getting the expungement granted.

State v. G.O.

February, 2020

Hennepin County. 5th Degree Assault Expungement granted. Client received a most favorable outcome. Yet, despite no conviction resulting from the case, the Department of Human Services vehemently objected to the Court granting the expungement. After careful and aggressive arguments at the oral hearing by Mr. Gempeler, the Court granted the expungement on the bench. A terrific outcome for a deserving client and veteran.

State v. J.S.

February, 2020

Carlton County. Expunged a record – via prosecutor agreement – involving a stay of adjudication to a single prostitution charge. Mr. Gempeler educated the prosecutor about this new process and leveraged the positive strides the client has taken since the incident in order to obtain an expungement via prosecutor agreement. This is a truly remarkable result considering the underlying offense, the lack of a true burden to the client, and the recency of the offense.

State v. C.G.

February, 2020

Anoka County. Expunged a juvenile felony arson and negligent fires record. The State’s attorney was unfamiliar with the juvenile expungement law, which allowed Mr. Gempeler to educate him and the Court about the proper interpretation of the new law – to the client’s benefit.

State v. J.J.

February, 2020

Chisago County. Expunged one record via prosecutor agreement. The record, though, involved 2 felonies, 3 gross misdemeanor, and 3 misdemeanor charges. Client entered into a stay of adjudication on two charges – domestic abuse and disorderly conduct. This means we obtained an expungement via prosecutor agreement of an offense that involved domestic abuse.

State v. D.M.

February, 2020

Goodhue County. Expunged 1 misdemeanor and 3 petty misdemeanor convictions via prosecutor agreement. Matters involved possession of drug paraphernalia, underage consumption, possession of alcohol by a minor, and a noise onrdinance violation.

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