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If you have a criminal record you want sealed and need help from Minnesota expungement attorneys to expunge your record, look no further. Our team at Minnesota Expungements has had success expunging all types of criminal records throughout Minnesota and helped get our clients the second chance they deserve.

The primary benefit of an expungement is that the sealed criminal record will not be seen during a criminal background check. In some cases, you may even be able to say that you were not convicted of a criminal offense. This will make a significant difference when you are job hunting, searching for housing, applying for college financial aid, or pursuing a professional license.

When you hire our team, we work with you to build and improve your case so that you can feel confident that you have done everything possible to get the second chance you need. We are creative and strategic in developing ways to turn a mediocre case into a great case. And because of our experience and expertise, our expungement attorneys knows how to address the multiple factors the court will consider when persuasively arguing to the court at your hearing. The end result is our expungement attorneys will put forward your best case and fight to earn you the second chance you deserve.


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North Star Criminal Defense

Personalized Legal Strategy

A client is a person, not another file. North Star Criminal Defense takes a hands-on approach with every client to fully understand their entire case so that a truly personalized legal strategy is developed. Then we work with you in strategically developing ways to improve your case. For instance, we may advise you to seek character letters from individuals. But, we don’t stop there; we also advise you on who you should seek the letters from, what they say, and how they best work into your case. By taking the time to build and improve your case, North Star Criminal Defense develops and implements a personalized legal strategy that will serve you best.

True Expertise in Expungements

Most defense firms handle expungements irregularly. North Star Criminal Defense is different. We specialize in this field because we care about helping people get the second chances they need and deserve. To that end, we are well-known and respected in our field for this work. We have spoken at numerous continuing legal education seminars on this topic and even been published by a magazine distributed to attorneys and judges statewide. This expertise serves our clients well when making persuasive arguments at court on their behalf. And this usually leads to our clients getting the expungement they need.

Unmatched Client Care

North Star Criminal Defense prides itself on its client service. We know that this your criminal record is damaging your life and that an expungement is critical to your future. That is why our Minnesota expungement attorneys focus on giving you the respect and attention you deserve. This means that your calls and emails are answered as promptly as possible. Your questions and concerns will be addressed. And you will be informed throughout the entire process. We work tirelessly to earn your trust and to keep it.

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minnesota expungement attorneys


James is a former prosecutor now in the private field specializing in expungement law. With hard work, focus, and experience he has become the go-to Minnesota expungement attorney. Mr. Gempeler believes that one mistake or single event should not define a person and through diligent preparation, skilled negotiating, and aggressive representation he will earn you the second chance you deserve.


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minnesota expungement attorneys


Mr. Adkins has become rather ‘the man to see’ for folks facing criminal charges of all levels, based upon his record of success since moving his practice to Minnesota in 1996. This valuable experience in the criminal defense field has now extended itself into expungement law. With this combined background, Mr. Adkins will give you results other attorneys do not get.


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Don’t Let Your Past Continue to Impact Your Life. We Work Hard to Make Sure One Mistake or Bad Decision Does Not Ultimately Define You.

What our clients have to say

"James went out of his way to clear my record! Those traffic tickets no longer haunt me wherever I go."


"North Star Criminal Defense has exemplary criminal defense lawyers. Their professionalism, experience, and knowledge in the law is extremely confidence inspiring. They work diligently for their clients and I would not hesitate at all in hiring them again. Very satisfied client!"


"North Star Criminal Defense was by my side from beginning to end, explaining the process, expectations, and outcomes. I valued their consistent communication and honesty of opinions. I never questioned that they were looking out for my best interests."